Friday, April 15, 2011

some barks, true delight

my sister and husband put their beloved dog to sleep last night. his name was Newman, but he also went by Scooby. my sister spent a good part of her busy day hanging with newman on the front porct of their quaint massachuset colonial. newman managed to bark at another dog or passerby. he had a really hard time due to throat issues. he also was very weak from not eating.

Newmy lived a genteel life. he had a dog specialist come to observe his behavior, stuff like eating fringe off an heirloom rug,or tearing up french doors. seems like scooby had seperation anxiety. he became part of the prozac nation. thank God. one time on a visit from n.j. i ran out. newman and i took the exact same dosage. man's best friend? my hero!

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