Friday, April 15, 2011

some barks, true delight

making the decision to put an animal down is one of the most selfless things that pet lovers can do. we don't want to loose the joy they bring us. they are always there to greet us, and comfort us after a hard day ,or something has upset us. they love unconditionally, even after a scolding for doing a "bad" as we say in our home. they are treasured members of the family.and rightfully so. i believe that animals go to Heaven. i take solace in knowing that they to will have their bogies restored to their former health. they will greet us like it were yesterday.
i know my sister will get another dog to love and Newman would want that. we have to never take for granted how special our pets are. i will miss Newmy,but i know he's in heaven enjoyong a prime cut of beef cooked just tro his liking. ill miss you Newmy,but i know we'll see each other again.

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