Thursday, March 24, 2011


Today I was making a very conscious effort to be gratefull,thankfull, and positive. This for me,takes a lot of energy. But when I avail myself to cd's like The Secret, etc. I feel much better. And the overused term, empowered.

Anyway I was in Aldi. Three years you would have never caught me in the grocery store equivalent of Walmart. " Ch ch ch ch changes" as Bowie aptly sang. The downward spiral of the economy like so many others , has deeply affected my lifestyle. All the hard work and sacrifice to "make it" has evaporated. This isn't forever, but sometimes you just need to see the light at the end of the tunnel. A rebirth of your belief system, if you will.

I digress. There was an elderly man,slow moving shuffle,not attractive, in the isle in front of me. I have much patience with elderly persons because someday I will be one of them. However this guy was really,really ,slow. Anyway I navigated my way around this seemingly grumpy, unkempt person. I had completed my check out; happy that my debit card was approved.

As I was packing my groceries I overheard that he had recently lost his beloved wife. He said it was a blessing for her to be out of her misery. The cashier gave her heartfelt condolences. At Aldis we know the cashiers by name. Most people are very kind. I think it's because we are just grateful to afford food and toilet paper. Nothing like a bad economy to make you appreciate toilet paper!

I took my stuff out and unpacked it. The scruffy old guy was really on my heart. I went back and sure enough he was shuffling to the exit. I asked if would like my assistance. He sort of looked at me like, huh? he told me

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