Wednesday, February 2, 2011

my sister's keeper

my sister is my keeper.  she keeps me laughing.  she keeps me talking.  she keeps me in her heart.  she keeps me sane (as much as is humanly possible at this juncture of my life ) and junk is an apt play on words.  she keeps the joy of small children in my life .  my niece lola and my adopted nephew gibson ,are just lovely mirecles to savor  (i've just lost two through the DYFS organization.)
 we were planning on adopting jakeela and her half sister latoya.  they are lost to us forever because of beaurocracy ,dishonesty, and our being too transparent in the system.  that is all i can say right now because im dealing with the death of two little girls, no matter how many mistakes we made, that i truly loved.

she keeps me plied with alchol.  she keeps me  by being silly and living in the moment.  she keeps me with kind acts of a naked outdoor jaccuzzi followed by a massage(evev though we got a fit of the giggles because we think alike at times).

she keeps listening when im suicidal and end up in the hospital with zero health insurance and my husdand of 22 yrs doesnt come to comfort me.

sshe keeps me when im feeling so shameful after bankrupting my dream of owning a day spa.

she keeps me when she spends her day setting up this blog site because i dont possess the will or want to do much.

she keeps me by visiting nj and inviting me the refuge of her safe and cozy home in ma.

she keeps me in her thoughts and prayers........

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