Friday, February 18, 2011

"The inexorable elimination of the superflous "

sometimes i read or hear words that for whatever reason stick to me like a piece of lint on a black sweater. i can't just pick them off and let them float to the floor. they have to be repeated or written down, mulled over and like a glass of full bodied red wine, appreciated. sometimes they stick, i think, because they sum up what's going on in my life or how i'm mentally processing something. what in my life is superflous? anger, rage, frustration, betrayal, disappointment(at myself and others)confusion, and loss. now how do i rid myself of these "superflous" emotions? "eliminate the negative, accentuate the positive." isn't that so nancy reagan? "just say no!" it can't be that easy because all these feelings cause pain. i wish i could pick them off like pieces of lint. there would be so much lint that i could make a soft blanket. then i could wrap up my inexorable pain and comfort it. i could hold and cradle it. rock it to sleep. but i can't nurse it. i can't feed these emotions anymore. but, i will savour that full bodied glass of red wine, swirl it 'round, look at the viscosity staining the curve of the glass,inhale the fruit and get a different phrase. CARPE DIEM

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